Re-Elect Mike Gardner
Ward 1 City Council
  • Completed the construction of Bonaminio Park and the Tequesquite Community Garden
  • Completed renovation of Hunter Hobby Park and preserved the model steam railroad in the park
  • Completed renovation and conversion of the Dales Senior Center at White Park from use as the Park Department offices to its intended use as a Senior Center
  • Completed renovation of the Municipal Auditorium
  • Completed renovation of the Metropolitan Museum
  • Completed renovation of the Convention Center
  • Completed construction of The Box and The Showcase, flexible performance spaces adjacent to the Fox Performing arts Center
  • Returned the 17.59 acre frontage of Fairmount Park to the park – Promise kept
  • Opened the Universal Playground at Fairmount Park so children of all abilities can play together
  • Brought the County’s Martha McLean Anza narrows Park into the city’s park system at no cost to the city and completed park renovations
  • Led the effort to buy a 49 acre parcel between the Mount Vernon park site and the County Box Springs Regional Park. This land was scheduled for residential development and will now be kept in open space forever
  • Helped bring sailing back to the lakes at Fairmount Park and construct a new sailboat house
  • Expanded the City’s Homeless Shelter and Homeless Services program located in ward 1. Riverside has one of only four homeless programs in the nation with a kennel for animals belonging to homeless people

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Call: 951-897-8660