Re-Elect Mike Gardner
Ward 1 City Council
About Mike

Mike Gardner

I have worked hard to serve you well these past eight years. During that time I established a reputation for being open, honest, accessible and responsive. I promised to return calls within 24 hours and I have kept that promise. I may not always agree with you, but I will always listen and explain my reasoning if I can’t support you.

  • I will continue to work to earn your trust in our city government
  • I will pay attention to the entire ward, not just downtown
  • I will tell you the truth
  • I will spend your money carefully and thoughtfully with due consideration for your opinions
  • I will represent, not dictate
  • I will continue to be a voice of reason and stability on the Council
My Beliefs:
  • We need jobs for the people who are already here more than we need houses for more commuters to Orange and Los Angeles Counties
  • We have limited space for new commercial and industrial construction. We should use that space carefully and not squander it on land intensive job poor uses like warehouses
  • Your City Council is here to serve you. It should be open, accessible and responsive. You do have the right to address the Council and to expect a respectful audience I am paid by the City, but I work for you
  • The role of government is to do for you, not to you
My Commitment:
  • I will be your full time Council member. The job demands it and you deserve no less
  • I will return your phone calls and emails
  • I will listen respectfully to your opinion

I am committed to being your full time Council member. I typically put in about 70 hours a week serving you. I consider myself “on duty” all the time. I do not believe anyone can give the Ward and our residents the attention they deserve and work another job. I promise to continue giving you my undivided attention and commitment. You deserve no less.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Gardner

Email: mike's email address
Call: 951-897-8660