Re-Elect Mike Gardner
Ward 1 City Council

A note from Mike:

I have enjoyed my two terms serving Ward 1 and Riverside and look forward to another term. As I look back on my time serving you I am proud of the things I have been able to accomplish even though we experienced the worst economic times since the Great Depression. Looking forward to the next four years I am confident in my ability to influence the course of our City in a positive way and to provide the leadership the Council needs to continue to move Riverside forward.

Mike GardnerWe made great strides in fixing and adding to our infrastructure through the Riverside Renaissance Project. Riverside has more and better parks, libraries, community centers, and entertainment venues than it ever has. Now we must make jobs and infrastructure maintenance our primary focus. We need to retain and grow our strong job base, but that is not enough. Riverside is uniquely positioned to attract new and expanding high tech and clean manufacturing industries and the high quality jobs they will bring. We have very competitive utility rates, available new buildings and space for more. If we do this right we can create thousands of new jobs so that our young adults will not have to leave Riverside to find good work.

On the infrastructure side, we need to increase street, sidewalk and tree maintenance to improve our neighborhoods and retain their historic character. We need to fund and complete the overhaul of the Main Library downtown, and we have to be sure to maintain all the new facilities the Renaissance brought us.

Mike Gardner

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Call: 951-897-8660